Akhilesh Jayaram

Akhilesh Jayaram (Akhil),

Farmer, Steward, Co-ordinator

Grew up in South India as an ecological omnivore, though was fortunate to harbor and develop a curiosity and love for the natural world. Studied science, with an orientation towards the biophysical sciences.

Finding life as I was living it dissatisfying, I set off exploring new paths and avenues, and eventually found a home in the hills in Uttarakhand. Interested in agroecology, holistic education, biodiversity and hill ecology. My motivation is to live an off-grid sustainable life, while also engaging with society at the grassroots level and with students.

I often juggle my time between collecting and sowing seeds, mending wires, learning folk songs, walking the hills, and writing.

Write to me at akhileshbj@gmail.com