The Journey so far

The Himalayan Farm Project commenced on 09 October 2011, and is Hari’s tribute to his Guru – Cathrine Sneed of The Garden Project. Eliott Mercier, from France, is the Co-founder of the HFP.

The three-acre farm was abandoned by previous owners for over 16 years till we started clearing the fields of bushes and trees. After two years of collaborative work by a large community of people from across the world, the farm now has fruit trees, is growing vegetables, cereal crops, indigenous millets, has a solar-powered energy system (thanks to Andy from Germany), a workshop, internet access, and has brought together and inspired people from different walks of life and cultures.

There have been times of great activity, and times of calm and quiet. There have been periods of challenge and crisis, and periods of innovation and accomplishment. In this journey, we have made mistakes and learnt from them, have found out some new and old things, and have discovered ourselves and the world around us.

In September 2014, we embarked on a new journey to set up a learning center as the core of the HFP. We hope to collaborate with schools, colleges and organizations to create awareness about food, farming, agroecology, forests, biodiversity, and foster a culture of sustainable living. It is our small effort to try to work towards a healthier, happier and ecologically aware society.