Upcoming Projects

Here are some of the projects we are hoping to get done as our first steps in setting up a learning center on the farm. They are categorized into short-duration projects, which might take at the least a couple of weeks, and at most a few months, and long-duration projects which will require continuous effort and over a year to complete.

Short-duration Projects

  • Setting up Seed Bank
  • Setting up a Library
  • Preparing Educational Material: Visuals, Documentation, Videos.
  • Co-ordinate with different schools, colleges, institutions, organizations and resource persons
  • Renovation of Toilets
  • Construction of Animal Shelter
  • Website Design
  • Fund-raising

Long-duration Projects

  • Renovation of old farm house
  • Stone paved path leading up to the farm
  • Protective boundary (wall/fence) for fields
  • Repair of water channel/canal for irrigation


These are more of our current and upcoming initiatives and projects:

  • Design/build a good fuel-saving stove
  • Documenting local wild plant, insect and bird diversity
  • Getting more animals on the farm
  • Food preservation- Making a solar drier
  • Beekeeping